Natural Addictions Hair & Beauty

About Us

Natural Addictions Hair Extensions & Beauty Care is committed to providing our customers with the finest 100% virgin hair extensions in Durham, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We take pride in our products and know that you will love each of our high quality Virgin human hair options, from Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, & Peruvian hair. Whether you’re new to our website or a new customer in general, our goal is to be your first choice in the finest quality virgin human hair extensions. Natural Addictions Hair Extensions & Beauty Care has built its reputation on selling only the highest quality, most gorgeous, long lasting Virgin hair extensions, accompanied by fast, friendly and reliable customer service.

Natural Addictions Hair & Beauty was founded in 2012 in Durham, North Carolina, through the desire to find quality hair extensions and truly authentic natural & organic beauty products. Natural Addictions Hair Extensions & Beauty Care is not only a hair extension and organic beauty care line it is a lifestyle. We believe that health & wellness is beauty. Our products are sourced and made with integrity and love. In the everyday hustle and bustle of life we spend hundreds of dollars a year on beauty merchandise that promises us everlasting beauty and we turn and read the label we have no clue what the ingredients are, what they mean, or what long term affects they may have on our health. Natural Addictions is not only a corporation, we are a family! A family of individuals who loves our bodies and care what we put on it. Join our movement!